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This is a story about two enthusiastic and aspiring architecture students, who started working in the field of design back then only. During the spirit, they came to know about the whole process and acquired a few contacts. Once they were sure enough of what they wanted, they did not waste a single moment after their graduation and took the first step- created Architerio!


Architerio is a multidisciplinary firm established in 2020. It is a firm owned by young and licensed architects, Maherban Ali and Rehman Ali, who create spaces that shout bold but are simple.

They deeply believe that it is space and the surrounding that shape us considering that, architecture and design directly impact our lives in terms of how we dwell, work, play, and socially interact. Due to modernity, globalization, and societal changes, there is an increase in the need for a built environment to re-establish a healthy relationship with humans and nature. This is a motivating factor for them to provide top-of-the-range designs with an intense concern for the traditions and the realms they serve by continually researching newer methods and elements.

They also want to be an example for others by creating works that are both well-crafted and technically innovative. Architerio is working on solving problems with the use of space and form in a creative way. They have an idea about making our work environment more efficient and pleasant, setting new trends in terms of functionality and beauty.

Every project they design is an opportunity for them to tell a notable and captivating story kindled by their clients- their values, lifestyle, aspirations, and experience.

Architerio has a peculiar working style; understanding the context, and coming up with simple yet intelligent ideas with efficient design strategies. They achieve this by using all the features that Mother Nature has to offer. In addition, they are committed to designing spaces that prominently respond to the context and the ones inhabiting them, beyond defining a signature style.


Maherban Ali Patel is the co-founder and principal architect of Architerio. He completed his bachelor of architecture from LJ School of Architecture (under Gujarat University). During his academic period, he took a keen interest in Phenomenology in Architecture: Sensorial and sensitivity in architecture. His constant exploration in this field sets this practice to stand out. His designs are influenced by nature and have a minimalist and experimental approach.

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Meet The Team


Ar. Maherbanali Patel


Ar. Rahemanali Khanushiya


Akbarali Rajpura

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