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E-Med store global pharma IT compony


We designed EMED Store Global Pharma IT company, keeping the same concept alive. The client’s idea was to have an employee friendly working environment where they are free from the daily chaos of city life. To achieve the same, we gave this office space a raw and natural touch using natural wood and brick cladding with exposed ceiling.


We spend 8-12 hours working in offices, which is more than half the time we spend wakeful. Office interiors undoubtedly have a great impact on the workflow. The functional spaces, the interactive areas and the way they are connected with each other - every minute detail is important. The best design is the one that considers the needs of both employee and the employer.


This office space covering 1350 sq. ft of carpet area serves the working space for 40 employees, two cabins, conference hall, and restroom. The challenging part was to accommodate 40 employees in such a small area, as the space was less than needed as per the standards. We very interestingly found the solution for this and took advantage of the high ceiling of 12 feet for overhead storage for employees. Each employee is given their own plant for them to feel connected to the nature and energetic, even while working.


We believe that the office arenas should be inspiring, insightful, should encourage free-thinking, and should be fun to work at. After all, it is important that the employees love their time spent in the workplace so that they can give their best. Great workspaces are the key to great ideas and that leads to a successful business.


Colors form a vibe within us and every space needs its own vibe. The different spaces are set apart by different colors based on the activity it caters and depending upon the emotion it should create. For instance, the conference room has natural wood with touch of orange to give it a cozy, warm, and welcoming feeling. The working area is all covered with shades of brown and green pop ups and that makes the space very appealing and vibrant.


A successful design is the one that contemplates its users, and effective working can only be achieved with employee friendly design. With the same motive, we completed this compact office space for upcoming IT firm.

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