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KEETMEER pet clinic & shop

KITMEER pet clinic & shop is located in an existing commercial complex opposite DMART Vasana, Baroda.

This design concept started off by establishing a long, continuous, ribbon-like wall that made its way through the space. This ribbon wall serves as a wayfinding means by changing the shape to draw customers into the reception area.

The clinic and shop are divided into two parts: the clinic area, which includes a doctor's cabin and an operation theatre; and the shop area, which includes pet foods and accessories, pet grooming, and an infectious room.

The operating room consists of a ribbon wall that folds in on itself and acts as a tool for organising the clients and staff. The wall also establishes a zone where the ceiling is coloured to create an additional intimate area within the 12'-0" tall existing ground floor space. The existing rough concrete ceiling was exposed and painted white where the pets would be treated, whereas the other areas were left black to justify the functionality of the space.

By selecting a simple material palette and shades of black and white, Royal Blue, and Terracotta Red, the space is made to feel energetic and playful. At the same time, changes in colour provide visual interest throughout the hospital. For the flooring, pine wood finished vinyl was chosen to meet the safety requirements of the pets and to foreground the lighter elements in the space.

The Milky PU white materials were used in the reception desk and seating elements, as well as the doctor's table. We came up with a brilliant contrast here—the right side of the entry doors is a terracotta red ribbon wall, whereas the left side is an infectious room painted in Royal Blue, which merges with the exterior of the project.

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