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They offer clients a full range of professional architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape, and product design services.

The services they provide are timeless and minimal and enrich the human experience, enhance performance and drive innovation.

They work with their clients to create a built environment that expresses their roots and existence, to make the world a better place.


Architerio provides a whole range of architectural solutions; from initial concept development to detailed designed documentation.

They offer their expertise in a variety of building types-

  • Residential architecture

  • Commercial architecture

  • Hospitality

  • Institutional architecture

In addition to this, they also put forward mixed-use and residential housing.

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Interior design

The studio brings a sensory and an inside-out experience to the spaces they design. They provide end-to-end solutions – from space planning to detailing and the selection of materials to colour and branding.

Architerio specializes in the residential, workspace, and office interiors, restaurant and banquet, and set design.

Landscape design

The separation of the natural landscapes within the built environment poses a major challenge. The studio overcomes this challenge by helping their clients in forming a better microclimate, where they can socially interact. The separation of the natural landscapes within the built environment is a major challenge. We overcome this challenge by helping our clients in creating a better microclimate, where they can socially interact, which in turn leads to a better living for the community.

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Urban Design

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Architerio is also a passionate urbanist, with a driven interest in designing people-centric places. They are committed to creating spaces that have a long-term impact, keeping in mind the economical, social, and environmental aspects of the public and private realm. To make it a perfect fit for the rural or urban fabric, they design spaces while being conscious of the traditions, cultures in lifestyles of that place.

Product Design

At Architerio, we are always looking forward to making up products superior through exploration and experimentation for the users. We are inspired by art and architecture to create products like a piece of furniture and lights. The objects are of great value when it comes to creating powerful and enhanced spaces. To achieve this, we have identified the effort taken by artisans to sustain the craftsmanship and the culture. Architerio joins hands with skilled artisans to maintain a balance between traditional and modernism and celebrates the union of cultures' traditions and lifestyles.

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